Block bottom bags

Stable and practical

Block bottom bags offer a high level of stability due to their rectangular bottom. The gussets also ensure a large volume. The bags are suitable for packaging food, such as tea, biscuits, chocolate and marzipan figures. Block bottom bags are available in many different standard sizes and also in special designs on request.
Materials: NatureFlex™ | Polypropylene
Strength: NVR 45 my (lacquered) | OPP 40, 50 my | OPPA 40, 50 my (acryl-lacquered)
Sizes: width 50 – 120 mm | length 100 – 320 mm | side gusset 30 – 75 mm
Finishes: lacquered | unperforated
Print: up to 6 colours possible for polypropylene

Standard sizes – available at any time

Our wide range of bags in standard sizes offers cost-effective packaging options for many purposes. We have around 20 million standard bags in stock, so that we can offer you high availability with short delivery times.If you have special requirements, we can of course also produce special designs on request. We will be happy to advise you.


without print
40 my OPPA acrylic coated
Art. No.WidthxLength
A604015  60 + 40 mmx150 mm
A704019  70 + 40 mmx190 mm
A804024  80 + 40 mmx240 mm
A105028100 + 50 mmx280 mm
A107520100 + 75 mmx200 mm
40 my OPPC Coex
Art. No.WidthxLength
C604015  60 + 40 mmx150 mm
C704019  70 + 40 mmx190 mm
C704022  70 + 40 mmx220 mm
C804024  80 + 40 mmx240 mm
C805025  80 + 50 mmx250 mm
C105028100 + 50 mmx280 mm
C107520100 + 75 mmx200 mm

Custom made –
As individual as your products

Solutions for almost every requirement

Beyond our standard range, there are numerous options for specialisation such as special dimensions, Thürlingsloch or Optima perforation (also spiked) available to you.

We can take into account foil qualities with special properties as well as individual packaging units (e.g. small packs of 10, 50 or 100 pieces).

In addition, we can also customize the packaging with your logo / customer motif using flexographic printing with up to 6 colors. Turn your packaging into a mobile advertising medium!

An assessment of the feasibility and costs of your request can best be clarified in a personal meeting. So feel free to give us a call – we’ll make your product irresistible too!

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Guido Jonas
Authorized signatory / purchasing + sales manager

T: +49 (0)2244 9257-17
F: +49 (0)2244 9257-57

Guido Jonas
Authorized signatory / purchasing + sales manager

T: +49 (0)2244 9257-17
F: +49 (0)2244 9257-57

Mona Schmidt | Quality management

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