Made from renewable raw materials and compostable. An environmentally friendly, natural alternative to plastics that pays off in the long term and a perfect example of a true recycling economy. Helmut Schmidt Verpackungsfolien GmbH is one of the few companies that still favours the processing of cellophane.

Cellophane – back to the roots

The environmental awareness of end consumers has risen continuously in recent years. Not only the price, but also quality, origin, raw materials and the sustainability of the product and packaging play an important role in the purchasing decision.

Conventional plastic packaging now has a hard time because of its chemical components. These are often combinations of materials (composites) that cannot be recycled after use.

NatureFlex™ foils are different. Made from regenerated cellulose that is responsibly sourced, they are completely biodegradable and compostable after use. Therefore, they can also noticeably improve the eco-balance and the public perception of your company.

The characteristics of the foil at a glance:

The benefits at a glance:

An alternative for every purpose

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